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Perceived Value??

A customer asks how much it would cost to do his project (bespoke glass balustrade)

Flawless Balustrades quote him £5000

The customer responds "That’s seems really high when you can get the materials online for £2500"

We respond: "we can offer you the materials at this price and you can fit it if you like?" (supply only)

The customer reply's: "I don't know how to fit it and can you check the measurements?"

Flawless: "ok, how about we check the measurements and we will teach you how to fit the glass balustrade for £3000? saving you £2000 and you'll learn valuable skills that will benefit you in the future."

The customer answers: "Sounds great! Let’s do that"

Flawless Balustrades: "Great! Before we start you are going to need some tools. You will need a grinder, impact driver, cordless drill, bit set, drill bits, machine tap etc.."

The customer answers: "But I don't have any of those tools and I can't justify buying all of these for one job."

Flawless Balustrades: "Ok. Well then for an extra £400 I can rent my tools to you to use for this project."

The customer answers: "Okay. That’s fair."

Flawless Balustrades: "Great! We will start fabrication on Monday."

The customer answers: "I work Monday to Friday. I’m only available on the weekends."

Flawless Balustrades: "If you want to learn from us then you will need to work when we do. The project will take 2 days so you will need to take 2 days off work."

The customer answers: "That means I’m going to have to sacrifice my pay for 2 days or use holidays"

Flawless Balustrades: "When you do a project yourself you need to account for unproductive factors."

The customer answers: "What do you mean by that?"

Flawless Balustrades: "Doing a project from start to finish includes time spent to plan the project, order materials, travel time, fuel, set up, clean up, workshop overheads, amongst other things. That’s all in addition to the actual project itself. Speaking of the workshop, that’s where we will start on Monday so I need you to meet me there at 6am"

The customer answers: "At 6am?!! My work day doesn’t usually start until 9am"

Flawless Balustrades: "Well then you’re in luck! Our plan is to start on the project by 9am to ensure we get it finished in 2 days so we have to start at 6am to get fabrication sorted, loaded and out to site for 9am"

The customer answers: "I’m beginning to realise that a lot more goes in to these projects than what the customer sees in the finished project. Your quote of £5000 seems reasonable now. I would like you to handle the project"


When you pay for a job, especially a custom job, (whether it’s a physical project or digital project) you pay not only for the material and the work to be completed. You also pay for:

✔️ Knowledge

✔️ Workshop

✔️ Experience

✔️ Custom Skills

✔️ Tools

✔️ Time to plan

✔️ Time to prepare

✔️ Professionalism

✔️ Work Ethic

✔️ Excellence

✔️ Discipline

✔️ Commitment

✔️ Integrity

✔️ Taxes

✔️ Licenses

✔️ Sacrifices

✔️ Liabilities

✔️ Insurance

If you request a quote for custom work to be done, please don’t disrespect a service provider by trying to get them to lower their prices.

If their quote exceeds your budget, there’s nothing wrong with getting other quotes.

Just remember.. you get what you pay for.

👉🏼 SERVICE PROVIDERS: Know your worth and be confident in it.

👉🏼 CONSUMERS: Recognise their worth and be respectful of it.

Show support for all Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Tradesman giving it their all!! 💪

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